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Borrow Funds Without Search Footprint With No Credit Check Loans

Credit check sounds like an obvious process while applying for the loan. However, this is not something that suits to bad credit scorers and first time applicants. The search footprint that credit score perusal leaves on the financial records, may cause degrade in the credit rating if the application is rejected. If you are also among those with such issues, London Loan Lender can help through no credit check loans. Borrow funds irrespective of your credit score status without any inquiry on credit score performance.

Then How Do We Check Your Affordability?

Well, the rule of logic says that credit rating is not the only factor to consider the financial capacity of a borrower. You may face some situations that were unexpected but they occurred shaking your finances from the roots. Take redundancy as an example. Unemployment due to this reason justifies your helplessness. No job means no income, which means financial mess of pending obligations. This is just one example, there can be many more.

Repayment Capacity Is The Tool

In the absence of a credit history (for first time applicants) or good credit score, we judge you through your affordability. Your role is to show that affordability in your current income and recent bank statement. This decides the loan amount that you can qualify for.

Isn’t it a far better approach than rejecting loan applications?

Check Your Affordability

We consider these factors to judge your repayment capacity

  • 1

    Monthly Salary

  • 2

    Job stability proof

  • 3

    Recent bank statement

  • 4

    Address details

Policy For Obligations

The loans without credit check are short-term with small amount of limit to borrow. This is why - No Collateral (property/financial assets) AND NO Guarantor

On choice, borrowers can provide guarantor or collateral as it helps get more relaxation in rates. BUT, once again, it is certainly not compulsory to provide any obligation. Completely on your own choice and preference.

Types Of No Credit Check Loans

No credit check is actually a feature that mixes well with other loans and solves multiple purposes. This gives birth to many types.

  • Payday loans – These are for last minute needs and facilitate fast funding through approval decision in 30 seconds, fund disbursement in 10 minutes. No credit check takes place.
  • Bad credit loans – An obvious type, as the bad credit scorers are one of the two prime beneficiaries of no credit check features. By the way, the second one is the ‘first time borrowers’.
  • Mobile Text Loans – When you are in an absolute ‘what to do’ situation due to financial crisis, these loans come to rescue without any credit check process. Send a message through mobile and funds reach to you instantly.
  • Unsecured loans – This is about the absence of collateral as the mandatory condition. The borrowers can get funds without any inquiry on the history of financial behaviour without putting an asset on risk.

Other Features That Come With No Credit Check Loans

The list is quite promising and you are sure to agree with that if you have a look –

  • Fast and easy procedures – Time is precious and we give value to your time and keep the application to fund disbursal process uncomplicated.
  • Personalised pricing – The total cost of the loan depends on individual financial efficiency of the applicant.
  • Choice to choose from varied tenures – 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months whatever tenure you choose, we have a good span to offer for loan repayment.
  • Assured security of information – Every single personal and financial detail is safe with us. No fear of transferring the information to third party.
No credit check loans uk

Why To Choose Our No Credit Check Loans

Only the most rational reasons can describe why you should choose London Loan Lender. Shall we start?

  • One of the best lenders in the UK – We never say we are the best. However, due to your unshakable trust and our fair lending practices, surely we are one among the leading names.
  • High approval rate – 99 out of 100 applications get approved. We process every single loan request with utmost rational approach and in result, maximum people get approval.
  • Fast fund disbursal – 15 minutes are not long to get the amount in your bank account. Right? This is the speed with which money reaches to you.
  • Competitive APRs – As we work on logics and keep an eye on the latest market culture, our APRs are always competitive and thus affordable.
  • No upfront fee – Who takes that? At least not an ethical lender like us.
  • No Guarantor Required – The acceptance on the loan applications is not restricted to any limitation. It is the reason why we accept your loan request even with no guarantor is required. Apply straightway and get the instant benefits.
  • Best credit consultants – A group of experts is working behind the stage to deliver you uncompromised financial services. This leaves no space for any flaws, give us the most impossible situation and get the best effective solution. Deal Done!

How To Apply For No Credit Check Loans

‘Simple’ and ‘brief’ are the two words to describe best our application procedure.

  • The application form is quite short. Fill that and submit.
  • Just after the minutes you submit the form, the approval decision comes.
  • Once approved, the fund reaches to your bank account through online transaction.


Are No Credit Check Loans Safe?

The term ‘no credit check’ is nothing but a simplified version of soft credit check. It is one of the two types of credit check i.e. 1. Hard credit check and 2. Soft credit check. In the second one, the lender replaces the credit check process with the other details it takes from the borrower. These are – address details, employment history and monthly salary.

Where can I get a loan from with no credit check?

Credit check has been an important factor in the loan approval especially when it comes to the traditional lenders. Nowadays, the modern day direct lenders have changed the scenario a bit by accepting the loan applications with no credit check process. It means you can get the no credit check loan from the direct lenders.

Under this procedure, the lenders do not go through your past credit history rather they focus on your present financial circumstances and capacity. These are the short-term loans and primarily applied during the financial emergencies. Payday loans are the best example of it where the borrowed amount is small and no credit perusal is done.

How do I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

Having a bad credit score means you have limited funding opportunities to explore as compared to those with better credit record. The lack of guarantor during this time adds more misery to your circumstances. But there is no need to worry because some private lenders do offer loan with bad credit and no guarantor.